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VITAL4DATA is an Atlanta-based data provider founded in February of 2016 by a group of veteran background screening executives who were visionaries in international background screening data. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive, risk averse products all while utilizing and developing our technology solutions with the expertise to lead the industry in cutting-edge solutions for many years to come. VITAL4DATA provides wholesale background screening products and services for pre-employment purposes exclusively to CRA’s (consumer reporting agencies). We have the most comprehensive offering on the market with over 3,000 products and services in over 240 countries and territories across the globe. We won’t compete with our clients by going directly to the commercial market or by providing U.S. based services. International screening is our niche, and we pride ourselves on being the leading provider in the industry. International screening adds additional layers of complexity to an already complicated screening process. At VITAL4DATA, we are experts in global data privacy laws, and we make compliance our number one priority. We are the only provider that is FULLY transparent with our sources and processes. We equip our CRA’s with a knowledge base filled with all of the information that allows you to be the expert. We are dedicated to our clients’ success and provide direct support to help your organization's sales team become international background screening experts so that you stand out from your competition to your global clients. When it comes to background screening, we believe that delivering the most risk-averse solution available is the ONLY solution.
We don't use shortcuts in background screening. Period.